Featured on Arizona 12 News

As part of 12 News' efforts to find and feature fun activities in the Phoenix valley, Jamie Kagol checked us out! See for yourself what he had to say!


This was so much fun! We do a lot of escape rooms and this one ranks up at the top. The bus gives it an added element of fun. You might think the space could be too tight, but it's not at all. There was plenty of room for our whole team to go chasing whatever tangent we each decided on. :) The guys who are running the show were very nice, very responsible with the whole pandemic thing, and are obviously very smart. I highly recommend.

Jill D.

Very unique experience, and original idea. The puzzles were all around brilliant, and the story was very creative. Good family night event. It was just a blast.

Drayton L.

Such a fun twist to regular escape rooms! I have done many escape rooms over the years but have never done one in a school bus before. I loved it and had so much fun. I definitely recommend this escape room to others. 🚌 🥳

Allison D.