Who We Are
From the collaboration of a group of friends bringing together their love of adventure and the desire to
create a unique experience they could share with their community, 5 Gents Events was born. When the
group realized they could purchase and re-purpose a gently used school bus, BrakeOut Arizona began
to take form. After countless hours planning, building, and sweating through the hottest Arizona
summer on record, the school bus was morphed into what we believe to be the largest mobile escape
room in the state.

The Mobile Difference
BrakeOut Arizona is a totally unique spin on your traditional brick and mortar escape room experience
because we bring the experience directly to you! Whether it’s for a private party, a corporate event, or
even a wedding reception, we come to where you are, and that’s what makes us stand out from the
crowd. Our escape room isn’t limited to a small trailer or PVC pipe and cloth walls, it’s a full-on escape
room experience.

In the era of social distancing, we believe mobile entertainment is the answer. BrakeOut Arizona is the

mobile escape room that provides that option!